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Select works from games
I’ve sound-designed,
and implemented.

"Home Together" has been featured at the Rezzed section of EGX 2019 in London with great reception. The game is a 2.5D platformer about a cat and a dog, who after getting lost, have to try and find their way back home by working together. 

If it wasn't already challenging enough they also have to do this in the face of a natural disaster. You can play as either the cat or the dog. The choices you choose craft the outcome of the experience. This project took a total of just over 7 months of development time before being shown at EGX.


by Kevin Kennedy (Game Designer at Flavourworks)
Sound Design by Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen

ThumbDrive is a Cyberpunk, top-down action stealth game with time manipulation. You use super speed to infiltrate areas and defeat enemies. You play as Jean Idelle, a bounty hunter who has been accused of a crime she didn’t commit. She must clear her name whilst being hounded by the police.
The Thumbdrive project was developed in line with “home together” and took a total of just over 7 months time before its debut at EGX London 2020.

Call To Adventure

by Katy Morgan (Senior Designer at Supermassive Games) and Joe Cunningham (Senior Game Designer at nDreams)
Sound Design by Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen

Call To Adventure is a playful and subversive take on the classic adventure genre – you, a humble shopkeeper, who has never set foot outside their home, and your faithful dog place yourselves in the retelling of a great quest. Solve puzzles, bond with your companion, enjoy the thrill of your first adventure. Yet, as with any epic undertaking, there is risk and there is peril…

Call To Adventure takes inspiration from retro Role-Playing Games and Point-And-Click Adventures, while giving them a modern artistic twist.Altogether this project took two months.


by Jack Kheir and Matt Kelsey
Re-Recording Mixing by Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen

A story-driven game that follows the arc between co-founders and best friends of a mysterious facility called the B.E.R (Bureau of Experimental Research). Time is fractured and is rippling through the facility causing destruction and chaos. It is up to you the player Gray to save the day.

With Dissumulate, we wanted it to feel grand and epic for the players so we really tried to push that throughout. The players should feel enticed and intrigued to explore the BOER (Bureau of Experimental Research) and the story and especially the visuals helps enforce that. This project was two months in development.


by Jack Kheir
Re-Recording Mixing by Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen

Tether, centers on the main character Connor, who is carrying out a seemingly normal work day at his office. Until he heads home upon which he is thrown into a loop that he cannot escape. Players must interact with the environment to learn more of Connor's past and navigate their way out.
The plan for this project was to tell a unique story in one setting that gets repeated over & over in a loop to emphasise the nightmare the character is experiencing and hopefully allow the player to feel that too. It was also very important for me to evoke some emotion in the player by the end otherwise it would just frustrate players having played through all the loops. This project was developed in just over a month.


by GD18
Additional Sound Design by Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen

Set in a space station, in "Scrap" you play as a character tasked with dismantling the station's AI (Julia) so that the cleanup crew can come in and strip it out. Explore the different areas of the space station that have each been designed by the Games Developers.

Each room has its very own uniqueness and/or puzzle. They collect a capsule found somewhere in each room which is then taken to the central hub and inserted. This allows the player to progress to the next room.

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